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We had few issues with the web server and website was down for last few hours. But everything is fixed and OHL is back up and running! 🙂


Free Credit Cards!!

Update:321CC was an experiment and after running it for one month, we came to conclusion that its not doing any good. There was no donation received in this period and the cards updated here for free are not helping anyone as everyone is trying to use them differently at the same time and they might be getting blocked in 99% cases. So, we are going to stop this however anyone interested to buy CCs in private can email us where quality cards are sold to different clients as usual from last year. Also, anybody interested to be a CC vendor on DW please contact us. Any suggestions or feedback, write to us


Hack3d Cr3d3nt1al5

Want to sell Credit Cards & Debit Cards? Want to be a CC Vendor?

I have hacked in to a server. It has the file manager of one of the e-commerce website. The CC php file can be modified by me to send all the transaction details happening on website to my email address. And I will get all the Credit Cards and Debit Cards details of the users who make purchase on this website.

I am looking for someone who wants to be a CC Vendor and I can sell this server access. Also, I will change the php code for you and setup everything so that you can receive all the CC details of users on your email.

Contact me ASAP for this awesome deal to become rich and be a vendor on dw for Ccs.

Price: 3.5 BTC

If you want me to setup your website also on DW for selling Ccs, I can do that for another 0.25 BTC and you will also have to pay me hosting charges which is $15 per month.

I will help you if you experience any issues later. Stop thinking and contact me soon before this deal gets closed.

Below are some of the screenshots: (few things are hidden as I have greyed out those)

Hack3d Cr3d3nt1al5
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