Open Source Bitcoin Mixer/Tumbler integrated with your electrum wallet !!

I have tried Bitcoin Fog, BitBlender and Grams Helix but sending your coins to someone for mixing is always risky and Bitcoin Fog has been reported as spam by many people who lost their coins.

So, searching for an open source bitcoins tumbler I found “Joinmarket” which is awesome, its still in development and they are doing a very good job in trying to make it possible for everyone to make private transactions.

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DNS Spoof

And this article will be helpful in doing it from Kali following all the steps:

If you dont understand how DNS works (not DNS spoofing but the actual DNS), then might help you understand how DNS works!

Oth3r t00l5 N Re50urc35
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Open source Bitcoin Mixer/Tumbler
Use in Tails OS / Integrate with Electrum

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